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Resistance Firm Profile

Resistance is a NYC architecture and design firm doing innovative work rooted in rationalist and humanist ideals. The office’s small size allows agility and adaptability to various project types while preserving uncommon attention to detail in all aspects of the process - from the earliest real-estate and planning issues, through construction supervision, and even decor.

Studio principal, Eric Mailaender (Master of Architecture ’95 University of Pennsylvania) uses a problem-solving methodology, rejecting the formulaic and conventional. An imposed style or agenda never drive the design process, the work is reality based. Ultimately, the final product is a reasoned and appropriate response to the site, the programmed functions, the particular client, as well as the various constraints that ultimately inform and generate the design.

In residential, commercial, and retail projects our office has continued to demonstrate that the pragmatic and functional needn’t be dry and soulless. Rather, it can coexist with aesthetic beauty, and do so without great expense. Many of our projects have overcome significant budget constraints, exploiting inexpensive and readily available materials and techniques, used in new ways, towards new solutions.

Many of our projects also start from small, uninspiring spaces, posing technical difficulties with zoning, building codes, structural issues, or just not enough square feet. Unlike many firms who routinely reject such small, difficult, and less profitable projects, we have taken these “nothing” spaces and turned them into something. Resistance has continually embraced these challenges and gained valuable experience that is applicable to larger, more complex, and more costly projects as well. This has put us in an almost unique position in NYC to offer high-level design and service with incredible value.

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